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What is MyServer?

MyServer is a free and simple to install and manage web server.

What is a web server?

A web server is an application that allow other clients to consult information that you would share with them.

How could other clients view my documents?

Simply with a browser. When MyServer is running and you are online you can be accessed simple accessing this url from a browser: http://a.b.c.d:e where a.b.c.d is your IP address and e the port used for the HTTP server.

Why use MyServer?

Because MyServer want to be the simplest web server allowing everyone to have his own server. You can transform your home PC in a server that share information with all the world. Differently from others web server MyServer don't need any cost or an experienced user to work.

Why is MyServer free?

MyServer is free because it uses the GNU General Public License(GPL), read the license page for more information.

How can I see my web contents when I am offline?

You don't need to be online to see your web pages, while MyServer is running open the browser and connect to the localhost: http://localhost if you use a port number different from the default that is 80 you need to connect specifing the port number too, for example if you use port 10 you must connect to By default MyServer uses the port 80.

If you want to see FAQ about the forum system look here. If you have other questions about MyServer visit the forum.

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